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Archivepelago (a portmanteau of “archive” and “archipelago”) is a project modelling the transmission and translation of notions of sexuality and gender by mapping networks of 19th and 20th century queer writers and artists. Utilizing Neo4j, a graph database platform, the project draws upon finding aids and biographic data, charting connections between these figures ranging from their correspondence to the works dedicated to and translated by one another. The project is intended to act as a resource for the public to understand the forces underpinning queer diaspora while encouraging scholars to rethink our conceptions of artistic influence. By focusing on these queer writers and artists, we can observe the contemporary discussions regarding gender and sexuality through their attempts to innovate and experiment with language and media while participating in a global discussion captured in their archived letters.

Though we are currently in the prototyping phase, we offer the below wireframing-phase images as a window into the tools and information we hope to offer the public, scholars, and educators.